How to book a Youth Hostel room?

This page will inform you on prebooking conditions.

  • Youth Hostels are cheap accommodations which offer a good night’s sleep, in a welcoming environment, at very affordable price. Youth Hostels are therefore the ideal way to go abroad and visit without spending more than necessary. To boot, they offer you the opportunity to meet other travellers sharing the same interest in culture, discovery and international friendship.

  • When possible, you should book ahead if you want to stay at a Youth Hostel. There are several ways for you to book a room :

    • Directly with the Youth Hostel of your choice (either by Email, mail, phone or fax)
    • On the L.F.A.J. Website or using the prebooking form of the Youth Hostel you are interested in 

    To book a room, first choose your destination, and then fill in the prebooking form that you will find on each Youth Hostel presentation Web page. We will then get in touch with you as soon as we have checked if there is a vacant room for the period you selected.

    In order to confirm your booking, some Youth Hostels might ask you for a deposit, the balance being paid during your stay.

    When possible, please confirm your booking by Email, fax, or phone, 15 days at least before the date of arrival for groups and 2 days for individuals. Be careful, without any news from you, the Youth Hostel might not take your booking into account.

    Any reduction of over 10% of the number of travellers for groups must be confirmed 10 days before arrival to be taken into account. Otherwise, you will be invoiced according to the reservation you previously made.

    Any increase in the number of travellers must receive prior acceptance from the Youth Hostel before arrival. Otherwise, the Youth Hostel shall only accept visitors for the exact number of beds previously booked or - if possible - available.

    Please note that you will be held responsible for damages to your room. The costs will be invoiced to you at the end of your stay.

    Prices do not include the visitor's tax, collected by the local authorities and paid when leaving the Youth Hostel.

    In order to book a room in a Youth Hostel, a membership card is required.


    If you ever need to make a complaint about your stay in one of our Youth Hostels, you must send us a written complaint (by registered mail). Please be sure to include your name, current address and phone number or Email, within 20 days after your stay, at the following address:

    Service Clientèle
    67, rue Vergniaud - Bât. K
    75013 PARIS - FRANCE

  • Yes, it is compulsory for you to become a member of a Youth Hostels Association. Membership cards can be purchased directly with the L.F.A.J., or when arriving at the Youth Hostel. Compared to other cards, the L.F.A.J. membership card validity period is very interesting for you: it has indeed a validity period of 1 year from the date of purchase.

  • In general, Youth Hostels are open all year round, though the smallest of them might only open during touristic seasons. In big cities, most of the Youth Hostels are open 24 hours a day, others might have a shorter opening period. Please check it before arriving for some of them might also be closed at certain hours. Most of the time, check-in can be made from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and check-out from 5 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.

  • Most of the Youth Hostels propose a wide range of cultural/sports activities and excursions, from guided tours to rafting in a wild river! Information you might need will be provided on our Website and on the Youth Hostels' Webpages. Do not hesitate to ask the personn at the desk when arriving, helpful and precious information will be given to you!

  • Big dormitories are becoming rare in the L.F.A.J.  Youth Hostels. Most of our Youth Hostels will be able to provide individual rooms, if not, rooms for 2 to 4 persons. However, please check it before booking your room.

  • Sheets are frequently provided, though big Youth Hostels might ask you to bring them or to rent them. Sometimes, Youth Hostels located in foreign countries, are still allowing the use of ruck sacs, but most of the time for sanitary reasons they are forbidden. Please check it when booking your room.

  • Bathroom towels are not provided, so do not forget to bring yours, as well as any articles you might need.

  • Most of the Youth Hostels located in big cities, won’t ask you anything more than to give back your used sheets when leaving, and to clean up the kitchen if you have cooked your meals.

  • Most of the Youth Hostels have individual safes at your disposal for your valuables. Yet, you might have to bring your own locker. Most of the Youth Hostels also have a special room where you can put your belongings and backpaks if you wish to leave them for a short while.

  • U.I.AJ.P.F. gathers numerous Youth Hostels outside France, all of them being located in french-speaking countries. If you wish to find more destinations, there are about 4.000 Youth Hostels around the world, affiliated to the Hostelling International Association. The L.F.A.J.membership card enables you to go to any Youth Hostel you wish to, you will then benefit from low prices reserved to our members.

  • According to the law it is strictly forbidden to smoke in public areas in France as in many countries, but some Youth Hostels might have a smoking area at your disposal. You can check it when booking your room.

  • Please send your request with all information you can provide regarding your project to L.F.A.J. 


    Either by Email at :


    Either by mail at : 

    Ligue française pour les Auberges de la Jeunesse

    Service accueil

    67, rue Vergniaud - Bât. K

    75013 PARIS



    You can also contact us by phone : +33 (0)1 44 16 78 78

  • Most of the Youth Hostels will provide a kitchen for individuals, but you might have to bring your kitchen tools with you. Youth Hostels often have self-service restaurants with good and cheap food.

  • Prices vary from one country to another, but Youth Hostels are always offering a very competitive price. Prices are given on our website for the Youth Hostels of the L.F.A.J. network. Just select the region and choose the Youth Hostel you wish to go to. For group reservations, you might have to contact directly the Youth Hostel, or ask for a group prices reservation form when provided on the Youth Hostel’s Web page.

  • Youth Hostels do not have age restrictions (except Paris Louvre Youth Hostel where only visitors between 18 and 35 are usually welcomed). Yet, some places might not admit children under a certain age. Please check it when booking. Sometimes, during busy periods, priority might be given to "young" people.

  • L.F.A.J. Youth Hostels welcome all visitors regardless of age, nationality, political views of religious convictions. They will offer accomodation to all new  travellers as well as intensive travellers, wether they are in couple, in family, in a group, or alone. Everyone will be warmly welcomed in our Youth Hostels. 

  • As long as they are accompanied by adults, children are welcome in all Youth Hostels. Unaccompanied children can also be admitted in certain Youth Hostels, provided they are old enough. This age limit varies from one country to another, therefore check it please when booking. Important rule: minor children may not sleep unaccompanied in dormitories, and may only have a private room booked in advance. Check before ! To know more about membership for children, contact your national association:


  • Most of our Youth Hostels have an access for disabled people and provide adapted bedrooms for them. Please check it when booking, for some of the Youth Hostels might be located in historical buildings difficult then to transform/adapt for some architectural reasons.

  • Some of the Youth Hostels will allow pets, but not all of them! So please check it when booking your room.